Reasons to buy an e-bike

Just two wheels and a path and maybe a helmet is all it really takes to get you from point A to B. Biking is a cost effective, and empowering way to hack your commute. In addition electric bike insurance will not break the bank and is much cheaper than car insurance.

Today it is very possible to dive head first into electric bikes or just dip your toes in for a little taste. There are places in some towns where you can even rent electric bikes so you can get a better feel for them.

For the absolute purest experience, purpose built e-bikes are the best way to go. (bikes that have been designed as and being sold as electric, not ones that have been converted later on) They are much lighter, tougher and more capable. Whether you’re in need of a folding bike to stow away in your loft or take with you on a plane, a tandem that you can rent and ride with a friend on vacation or a downhill bomber that you will use for free riding on mountain trails, there is for sure an e-bike out there that is fully capable. As electric bikes can are much more expensive than the traditional push bike make sure you take out the appropriate level of e-bike insurance before you start your biking adventures. 

They'll help you go further, faster, longer

Electric bicycles will offer many of the same benefits that regular cycling does but due to the fact that you’ve got a little bit of added oomph on board, you will be able to travel greater distances and also ride for longer. Also, electric bicycles can offer things like no licensing or insurance required, and improved health.

They also allow you to go faster than the majority of cyclists and in some cases cars. Even though modern motors can travel fifty times faster than cars one hundred years ago, due to gridlocked roads the average car speed in traffic hasn’t really increased at all.

You can travel up to 15 mph almost instantly when you are on an e-bike, while the average speed of a car in central London is 7.3mph.

They get you riding more

According to a report done recently by the Transport Research Laboratory, regular bikes will make it out of the shed less than 25 times a year, with just 46% being used a mere once or twice a week.

By way of comparison, 30% of the people with electric bikes will use them once a day, while a staggering 81% will ride them at least once a week. This translates to e-bike users are twice as likely to get out there and ride as regular riders.

They're great for commuting

Not only will e-bikes save you cash, they are also able to free you from the misery of stalemated traffic and overcrowded buses and trains.Even though you are effectively a motor vehicle, you do not need a licence and you are still allowed to use the cycling lanes. Also, because you can lean on that motor a little bit, you won’t work up much of a sweat and arrive at work ponging like a sports sock. The long haul home after a hard day’s slog will not look quite so daunting either.

Reasons to buy an e-bike

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