Multi Bike Insurance

  • Multi Bike Insurance
  • Electric Bikes Push Bikes Mountain Bikes Racing Bikes
  • Flexibile payment Methods
  • Worldwide Cover Available
  • Accessories covered to agreed limit
  • Low premium prices

If you own more than one bike it will work out cheaper to take out one insurance policy to cover both bikes. Extra bikes can be added at any time at a discount. Under multi bike insurance a range of bikes can be covered standard push bike, electric bikes, mountain bikes, monkey bikes or a mix of the aforementioned .  

What is included in Multi Bike Insurance

This section covers the insured if an event which is another party’s fault: A) damages the bike and/or personal property in or on it, and/or B) injures or kills the insured whilst on or attached to the bike.

  • The Bike : Cover provided for loss or damage based on bike value.  Cover will also provide a replacement bike costs whilst waiting for your own bike to be repaired. Cover for accessories fitted to bike which is limited to the value selected. Personal possessions and bike boxes lost or damaged in the bike accident.
  • Personal Injury will provide a lump sum payment to the selected limit in case of a fatal accident. 
  • Personal Liability will provide benefits for damage to a third party or their property when an accident occurs. This is capped at the limite agreed at within the policy.  
  • Legal liability provided you with cover in the event the other party are at fault. This includes damage to bike including personal property plus injures including fatal injury to the insured.

Optional Extra

  • worldwide cover : This provides annual cover for upto 60 days each year, please check it is within your policy schedule as it is considered an extra.