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Cover for helmets, clothing and accessories, Malicious or accidental damage, Theft and accidental damage

Compare multi bike insurance?

Multi bike insurance coverage is available to the motorcycle collector and owners that own two or more bikes. This is common because there are different types of bikes for different types of roads including the off-road variety. 

What is multi bike insurance?

This type of policy allows for the owner to pick the bike he wants to go into the wind that day whether it be the old Norton or the new Triumph that is in their stable and be legal on the road.

By covering all the bikes under one policy, there is only one premium to pay and one set of paperwork to help simplify any claim process. 

multi bike insurance

Multi bike need not be motor bikes, push bikes, mountain bikes, classic bikes end ebikes can also come under the umbrella of multi bike insurance

How many bikes can be covered with a multi bike insurance policy?

Most insurance firms allow for up to 4 different bikes to be covered under one multi bike insurance policy. For those owners that own 5 or more, many insurance companies and brokers are generally willing to help accommodate the needs of their client by adding another bike or bikes to the policy. Each broker will have slightly different terms so it is best to check them all out. You can also read our reviews of Cycleplan insurance,  Just motorcycle insurance and  Aviva motorcycle insurance.

What kind of bikes can be covered under the same multi bike insurance?

Nearly any type of two wheeled motorized vehicles can be covered under a multi bike policy. This includes the small scooter for short trips along with the big cruisers when going cross country. For those that love to off-road, dirt bikes are also a very popular type to be listed in many policies.

For owners of a modified bike, many insurers allow for up to 16 different modification to be covered with a standard policy. If you fail to list all the modifications, the policy could become null and void.

What type of policy can be included for multi bike insurance?

Insurance agents know there is no two bikes the same that a person would own so each bike under a multi bike policy will have their own level of coverage. This makes it possible for the scooter or moped to be covered with Third Party Only and the cruiser or chopper to have full Comprehensive coverage.

The 3 standard levels of coverage include;

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party Fire and Theft
  • Third Party

How you plan to use the bike also has to be declared. There are 2 categories all bikes fall into, including;

  • Social, domestic and pleasure.
  • Social, domestic, pleasure and commuting. This includes travel to and from work or school for most insurers.

If you own a bike that is strictly built for racing that must be declared. Most racers only insure that bike with Third Party Fire and Theft for protection when the bike is not on the track. There is no coverage when the bike is on the track.

Are there any add-on coverage available with a multi bike insurance policy?

There are many add-ons available for the multi bike policyholder to cover just what they want. Most of the listed add-ons have multiple levels of coverage to choose from. As with all types of coverage, the more you have, the higher the cost.

  • Breakdown cover can be for just the UK, UK and EU or simple roadside assistance when away from home in the UK.
  • Courtesy bike loan to help you get home and more. Most insurance policies allow for use of this bike for up to 14 days.
  • Personal accident cover with a general range of protection from £25,000 to £100,000.
  • Helmet and leather cover are generally up £1,000.
  • Adding a second rider as a named driver.
  • Cover when riding in the EU can be from 90 days to 183 days depending on the insurance company’s terms.
  • Trackday cover is protection for your bike when it is being stored or being transported to the track. This can be at a formal track of dirt track in the wilderness.
  • No Claims Bonus Protection.
  • Excess reducer can lower your excess by as much as 50%.
  • Lost key cover that can be up to £1,500.

The exact add-on a person needs is their decision. Not every bike in the multi bike policy has to have the same add-ons, but they can.

Are there any add-on coverage available with a multi bike insurance policy?

Insurance premiums are set by the risk involved in covering the rider and the bike. Generally, bikes with larger displacement have higher premiums. To keep costs down list as few named riders in the policy as possible. The more named riders for a particular bike increases the risk to the insurance company so the costs to cover the bike is more.

Only name riders that will use the bike regularly should be listed. Keep named riders on all policies at a minimum. Also if any of the named riders are under the age of 25 the premiums will be higher.

The one add-on that is generally not necessary for owners that have a multi bike policy is the courtesy bike cover. 

How is the premium determined for a multi bike policy?

The premium of a policy for motorcycles has several determining factors. This includes the age of the named rider. Those over the age of 25 have lower premiums. 

The engine displacement is another major factor in determining the cost of a premium. Most insurers have 3 different categories all bikes will fall into. This generally includes 50cc, 125cc to 250cc, 251cc to 750cc and 751cc and larger. The larger displacement, the more it will increase the premium.

What are the benefits of having a multi bike policy

By having all the bike in your stable under one policy, the renewal is easy since there is only one payment annually in most instances. There is also a reduction in paperwork and red tape when making a claim. 


No matter what size of bikes you own they need to be insured with a minimum cover of Third Party to be legal on UK roads. Without a Pillion add-on, the passenger and their injuries will not be covered. Riders under the age of 25 have higher premium costs than older riders. The larger the displacement, the higher the premium will be. For those owners that use a bike to commute to work or school the added risk means higher premium costs.

With a multi bike insurance policy, it is assumed only one bike will be ridden at a time. If more than one named rider is listed on a policy, the risk is increased and so is the insurance premium. 

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