MCE Motorcycle Insurance Review

MCE Motorbike Insurance

MCE Motorcycle Insurance is the topic of today’s review. This insurance provider was established in 1975 and is based out of Rushden, Northamptonshire. They insure all types of 2 wheel motorized transportation for both recreational and professional riders.

MCE are specialist in the provision of bike sport insurance that includes Trackday insurance and Motocross insurance. MCE offers cover for any age and any bile type and provide a multi bide insurance option of up to 5 bikes under one policy.

mce motorcycle insurance review

Motorbike Insurance

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MCE Motorbike Insurance Available Products

There is courier motorcycle insurance and fast food delivery motorcycle insurance. Both of these are specifically designed to meet the needs of a motorcycle delivery business. These policies provide unlimited number of drivers to be covered and unlimited mileage. 

MCE offer Low Insurance Rates

MCE stands out from other in offering bike insurance plans with low rates and include breakdown recovery as standard. If you need 125cc motorbike insurance especially for your bikers then check out what MCE has to offer. 

What types of bikes are covered with MCE Motorcycle Insurance?

Only motorcycles with a displacement of 351 cc or higher can be covered by MCE Motorbike Insurance. This includes stock, custom and classic bikes. There are other policies that cover mopeds, scooters and monkey bikes each of which have a smaller displacement engine.

What levels of MCE Motorcycle Insurance are available?

Third Party

  • This is basic insurance that covers the costs of repairs and medical bills of the other party involved in the accident.
  • Legal fees and property damage covered up to £1,200,000.
  • Personal accident protection up to £1,000.
  • Helmet with leathers covered.
  • Breakdown and recovery protection. 

Third Party Fire and Theft

This is the same as Third Party but your bike is covered if it is damaged by a fire, vandalism, malicious act or is stolen.


  • This is the same as Third Party Fire and Theft.
  • Courtesy bike is provided when you bike is unrideable after an accident. This is access to a 125 cc bike for 5 days.
  • Lost key replacement.
  • Track-day coverage.
  • 183 days of coverage while in Europe.

What additional options are available with MCE Motorbike Insurance?

There is excess reducer protection which can lower the amount of excess you have to pay when making a claim of up to 50%.

No Claims Bonus protection keeps your NCB in place after a claim is made.

Misfueling coverage if you put the wrong fuel in the tank.

In Conclusion

MCE Motorbike Insurance Company underwrites their own policies. They are known for being very competitive with low premiums. To help keep costs down they are also known for having one of the highest excess in the business.

It is advised to read all the details and fine print before submitting your premium payment.

This information is being provided free to the public by an independent writer. We do not endorse or dissuade the use of this insurance company and have not been compensated by MCE Motorbike Insurance in any manner.

Motorbike Insurance

Protect your Bike Today -  Compare the cost of cycle inusrance with 20 plus brokers

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