Classic Bike Insurance 

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  • Cover for helmets, clothing and accessories
  • Replacement cycle hire
  • Policy Extras
  • New for old Replacement
  • Malicious or accidental damage
  • Theft and accidental damage

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Classic bike insurance is for those people that own and love the vintage motorcycles of yester year. With this protection in place the classic bike is safe to show, ride and store knowing the investment is safe from being lost.  

How do I know if I need Classic Bike Insurance?

Most insurance firms they define a classic bike as one over the age of 25. For this year 2019 that means all bikes made in or before 1994 are classified as classic. There are a few firms that classify classic as a bike 20 years old, so it is best to check with the insurance agent to confirm their definition before purchasing a policy.

For those of you with a bike that is 35 years old it should be classified as vintage.

Classic Bike Insurance

What is the difference between regular and classic bike insurance policies?

Many classic bikes are not rode on a daily basis or as the main source of transportation. Because of this a discounted premium can be purchased with a limited mileage clause in it.

At the onset of taking out a classic bike policy, there should be an agreed value of the bike made between the owner and the insurance firm.

In case your bike is involved in an accident, you can have a salvage retention option added to the policy.

For those who frequent shows and events with their classic bike, there is special coverage for this. If the classic bike is to be involved in a race or on the track, this has to be added as an amendment in the policy.

Acceptance of more modification and customization to the classic bike than on a standard policy.

What types of insurance policy is issued for a classic bike coverage?

Because these are rare and in many instances expensive motor bikes, most insurers only issue a comprehensive policy so the above additions to the policy can be included. If a Third Party or Third Party Fire and Theft policy is taken out, the above clauses will not be included. 

Classic Bike Insurance

Protect your Bike Today -  Compare the cost of cycle inusrance with 20 plus brokers

Comprehensive policy

  • You and your bike are covered for repairs and medical bills along with the other vehicle and their medical bills when you are at fault in an accident.
  • Multi vehicle discount when more than just the classic bike is covered by an insurance firm.
  • 24 hour breakdown assistance in both the UK and Europe.
  • Classic motorbike club membership discounts are available.
  • Helmet and leather protection is included in most polices as standard.
  • Protected No Claims Discount included.
  • Protection if your bike is damaged by a fire or is stolen.

What are some extras some insurance firm include?

  • The excesses are discounted up to 50% by some firms.
  • Courtesy bike available when you bike is disabled after an accident.
  • Personal accident coverage.
  • The option to use the classic bike as your commuter transportation.

This is what is available for protecting your classic bike with insurance. Each firm has different clauses and requirements for a bike to be classified as a classic bike. It is advised to read your policy in full before taking it out. If you need any assistance our independent insurance brokers are ready and willing to assist you with any details. 

Classic Bike Insurance

Protect your Bike Today -  Compare the cost of cycle insurance with 20 plus brokers

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