Aviva motorcycle insurance Review

Aviva motorcycle insurance & Multi Bike Insurance

With this Aviva Motorcycle Insurance review we will list just what options you have with this organization that has become the largest insurer in the UK. This insurance company does take inquires online but they prefer to issue policies over the phone. 

Aviva, unlike Bennets motorbike insurance offer many types of insurance. This opens up the option of greating an insurance package with AVIVA for example multi car and bike insurance. If you just need you bikes covered under one policy check out the options that are available with MCE multi bike insurance.

Aviva Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle or Bike Multi Insurance  Select Below

Multi Motorbike Insurance

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Multi Bike Insurance

Protect your Bikes Today -  Compare the cost of cycle inusrance with 20 plus brokers

What types of coverage does Aviva Motorcycle insurance offer?

Aviva has the three basic types including the minimal Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft and the most inclusive which is comprehensive coverage.

What is in the Aviva comprehensive motorcycle coverage?

  • Accident liability coverage takes care of repairs to your bike and your medical bills along with the third party’s bills up to £20,000,000.
  • Legal expenses are also covered including solicitors, coroners and other legal representation fees up to £10,000.
  • Your bike is protected if it is damaged by a fire or is stolen.
  • Emergency medical treatment under the Road Traffic Acts is included.
  • No Claims Discount increases each year you do not make a claim.
  • New motorcycle replacement if your bike is damaged beyond repair and is 6 months old or less. If the bike is older than 6 months they you will receive the fair market value of the bike.
  • Your insurance policy is in compliance with EU standards and is valid when you are traveling in Europe.
  • If you bike is involved in an accident and rendered non-drivable then it will be collected and taken to the closest repair facility.
  • Uninsured driver coverage is included.

Is there any optional coverage available?

There are available several add-ons that can increase the level of coverage for your motorcycle.

  • When traveling in Europe the standard coverage is the minimum set by the EU. You can increase this to full comprehensive for an additional cost.
  • Roadside breakdown assistance in which RAC will dispatch a repair vehicle to help get you going again. This coverage can be just for the UK or Europe can be included for an addition cost. 
  • Motor Legal is where you can receive payments if you become disabled due to an accident that is not your fault. 

​Aviva Multi Bike Option

UK bikers are often enthusiastics and own more than one bike. Each bike normally used for a different purpose a mountain bike or touring bike for example. Multi bikes owners should consider looking at AVIVA multi bike option. This allows all you bikes to be covered under one policy. This can, but is not always the cheapest option to insure 2 or more bikes.

Ways to reduce your premium costs

You can reduce your premiums if your motorcycle has an antitheft device on it. You will also be given a discount if you complete an authorized safe riding course.

​In Conclusion

Aviva Motorcycle Insurance is complete coverage for your 2 wheel vehicle. As with all insurance policies, make sure you read it in its entirety before paying the premium. 

This information is being provided free to the public by an independent writer. We do not endorse or dissuade the use of this insurance company and have not been compensated by Aviva Insurance in any manner. Aviva currently does not offer ebike insurance

Motorbike Insurance

Protect your Bike Today -  Compare the cost of cycle inusrance with 20 plus brokers

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