Advantages disadvantages of an electric bike

Advantages disadvantages of an electric bike

By knowing the advantages and disadvantages of an electric bike you will be better prepared when purchasing one and what to expect when using this green mode of transportation. One surprising revelation most e-bike owner’s find out is with them using the bike, they are lowering their carbon footprint as compared to using a conventional human only powered bike. Depending on the speed of your electric bike you may need to purchase electric bike insurance, so this should also be considered in your deliberations.

Advantages of an electric bike

You can get to your destination with less effort. This is possible by the power the electric motor provides. By using less human effort on the pedals, the amount of energy a person uses is decreased so the nutrients the rider would use is reduced. This is how the carbon footprint is reduced since less food is consumed to make each trip.

By using less effort to get to your destination, the e-bike can be used to commute to work and not be arriving covered with sweat. The distance a person can travel is also increased with an e-bike. This is especially advantageous for seniors that have a limited amount of conditioning. Manoeuvring is easy and the rider can void most traffic snarls with their bike.

With the battery in the tube frame of the bike, it has a low centre of gravity, so the bike is easy to control and manoeuvre. When the battery power is drained, the bike can still be powered by the rider so a person is never left stuck by the side of the road unless a tire goes flat.

Disadvantages of an electric bike

There are two areas that many consider the disadvantages of using an e-bike. They cost more than a standard bike and they are heavier. Both of these are also an advantage of sorts. By making a larger investment in an e-bike, a person would only move forward with this purchase if they were serious about using it. Studies show that this to be true with the number of owners using their electric powered bike at least once a week at 93%. Traditional bikes are used on average 55% by their owners once a week.

By it being heavier, it does make a person exerts more energy, especially when the battery is drained. On the plus side exercise is one of the main reasons a person purchases a bike.

The batteries do have a relatively short life span of one year and keeping it charged is required. Charging the battery comes down to getting into a routine. When you arrive at your destination, plug it in.

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages of an electric bike by far. Parking is never a problem and you can venture to place and use paths restricted to motorised vehicle traffic. So the reasons to buy an electric bike are many, but the final decision rests with you.

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